you hold on and let go

It's 2015, and in the three years since the Battle of Manhattan, the world has in some ways changed beyond recognition, and in others remained tragically the same. Two more incursions – one by Dark Elves and another by Frost Giants – have been narrowly beaten back, and people are on edge. What else is out there? When will the next invasion come? Can Earth survive?

Worse than the fear of attack from without, though, is the fear of the 'enemy' within. The existence of superhumans – once largely the province of late-night radio shows, secretive government agencies, and obscure internet message boards – has gone from under-the-radar to in-your-face. Attacks by mutant terrorists have increased sharply in both frequency and severity. Nation after nation worldwide has passed laws targeting metas, restricting their rights in the name of public safety.

For years the United States was the last major hold out against the tide, but the tragic deaths of almost two dozen school children at the hands of an explosive mutant sparked popular outrage that was fanned by the media into a political firestorm. The result was the recent passage of the Superhuman Registration Act. Now positions are hardening, partisans are growing ever more strident, violence is flaring and the country is spiraling slowly but inevitably toward a civil war.

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Alex Summers X-Men 26-June 15 222
Angela Unaffiliated 8-July 18 1
Anna Marie D'Ancanto X-Men 21-December 15 79
Ben Hamill Xavier Institute 15-February 17 173
Bruce Banner Avengers 27-July 16 130
Brunnhilde Unaffiliated 14-November 17 12
Carol Danvers Avengers 9-December 15 68
Charles Barton Unaffiliated 27-January 17 91
Charles Xavier X-Men 25-January 17 116
Chevi Members 18-April 16 4
Clint Barton Avengers 20-April 15 664
Connie Oswald S.H.I.E.L.D. 7-May 17 22
Darcy Lewis Unaffiliated 12-January 17 80
Dawn Members 19-June 18 1
Dr. Stephen Strange Unaffiliated 9-February 17 43
Elizabeth Braddock Unaffiliated 17-March 16 66
Elli Members 29-May 18 0
Ellie Phimister Xavier Institute 20-April 17 146
Emma Frost Unaffiliated 14-February 17 204
Erik M Lehnsherr Xavier Institute 24-September 16 262
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