The world has been thrown into turmoil. Two alien invasions in as many years resulted in thousands of casualties, with both only narrowly beaten back, and dangerous advanced technology falling into unscrupulous hands. Magneto's defeat by the Sentinels drove mutant supremacists to increasingly desperate and savage lengths. Rumors grew of uncanny monsters stalking the shadows and taking the unwary. But, through it all, humanity placed its faith in S.H.I.E.L.D.

And then S.H.I.E.L.D. fell.

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Ellie Phimister

Xavier Institute

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Nov 14 2017, 08:11 PM
I know it's not a well known ability of hers, but Ellie can see the future from time to time. It's not at will, it can't be targeted by her (you and I can do all sorts of fun things with it), and it gives her a rampaging headache every time it happens but it makes for a very powerful plot device to torment people about their futures, create a rush against time, wild attempts to change what was seen (what was seen always comes true, but look to Ellie's app to see why that's a good thing from a plotting perspective), and the like.

If anybody wants this device I am happy to use it, we will just need to have a serious discussion about what specifically will be in the vision. Remember, everything seen will absolutely unerringly happen but how it comes to be and who it affects can be very open to interpretation and how it is perceived can rely greatly on the fact that it's out of context when Ellie sees it (knowing someone your character likes is going to be killed by an unseen attacker could break your characters heart, but only because they don't know that person is a disguised villain and -they- are the attacker avenging their friend's death and replacement, for instance).
Oct 16 2017, 08:16 PM
June 10th, 2015

If she'd been a normal teenage girl who'd just walked out of the subway access, up to street level just a short walk from the site of the protest, she'd be inclined to regret having stopped in the station to pick up a Green Tea Frappacino. It had separated her from her companions, isolated her by herself, and she was no intimidating figure if you could manage to look past the general appearance that advertised "anti-social" to the world. But Ellie wasn't that girl. She wasn't wearing a shell to protect her from the world. She wasn't startled by the boisterous hoots the boys used to signal one another. She wasn't concerned with the predatory smiles they wore as they closed their circle around her there on the city sidewalk. And she most certainly wasn't frightened by their tall, slim, hungry looking ring leader standing entirely too close as he started to speak.

No, Ellie didn't wear the clothes and hair cut to protect herself from the world. It was to keep the world at a safe distance from her.

"Hey, pretty little thing. Where you going?"

"The mutant protest, why else would I bother with this end of town?" She didn't look around herself nervously, none of them posed a threat to her so she was perfectly comfortable keeping her eyes on the one that was immediately blocking her path. They were dense, however. None of them were getting the body language. It felt like they'd rehearsed this little scenario and weren't going to be thrown off unless it went wildly off course. Professional bullies, then. Her concern for their well being dropped a notch. Unknown to her, a blackjack was being pulled out of a back pocket somewhere behind her as the ringleader continued.

"What are you, some sort of mutant? Or... a mutant lover?"

The pure disgust in his voice made it clear which he held in lower regard, but Ellie just smiled in femme fatal fashion as she answered. "Both, when I can swing it." And when she could keep Tess out of the bottle, the sloppy drunk lays weren't nearly as amusing to her as they apparently were to the redhead. Ellie was sipping her drink through the straw when the blackjack hit, full tennis swing, against the right side of her head. It hurt, she wasn't immune to the pain of such things, but only for an instant as the lack of damage meant there was no reason for it to keep hurting. But the momentum was more than enough to send someone her size flat to the ground right where she stood. Her cup hit the concrete several feet away and Ellie found herself disoriented by the fall but staring at it's contents splashed on the street.

The assholes had made her spill her drink. Feet were closing in, wearing heavy work boots, she was about to get stomped and was deciding whether she wanted to get up or just break their legs from where she was laying when someone else arrived.

Lucas Bishop
Sep 18 2017, 11:11 AM
June 3rd, 2015

Attention Students
There will be an anti-Registration Protest
in front of the UN building in New York City
on June 10th.
I will be attending the protest
and will be able to take a few people with me
email me back for details if you want a ride.
This isn't about whether we should sign or not
this is about whether we should have ever
been put in the position to have to decide
in the first place.
Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Emma Frost Kurt Wagner Alex Summers Jean Grey Paige Guthrie Raven Darkholme
Aug 16 2017, 12:22 AM
Ellie straightened the curves and flattened the hills, as her Texan information narrator put it over their video chat, her way to the Ziggurat in record time. Or, at least, a personal best. It still gave her plenty of time to get familiarized with the subject she was going to be dealing with, and the subject matter that might interest him for his company. She arrived, popped the cargo carrier on her roof, pulled out a camp chair and waited with her laptop under the open trunk hatch of her car. If it took Namor long enough, she'd have a lab troll bring her a hot chocolate. It would be pretentious, yes, but to be fair she was only a Princess in the eyes of one man and she just happened to be sitting in the realm he ruled. Why not milk it from time to time? The lab troll could probably use the exposure to real sunlight, if they were anything like her father.

Still, whatever time she had before Namor's driver arrived with him in tow was well spent looking at the images of Oracle related things the other girl had sent her whilst simultaneously small talking about what they would accomplish with a spring break in a relative paradise...

Namor McKenzie
Jul 9 2017, 04:21 PM
Midafternoon, February 14th.

There were no classes, not that Ellie had attended such a thing since reaching a point where she could keep all of it online. Computers were much better than people, and her computer (that she'd affectionately named Teletron-1) would agree. Not that people didn't have their redeeming qualities on occasion, the ladies in particular. But that wasn't the goal for the day. In fact, anything that might give somebody the impression that she was more than passingly interested in them or interested in more than whiling away a Saturday afternoon like this one, was completely out of the question. Valentines day gave folks all sorts of funny ideas.

So Ellie had taken to Plan B, which was to go out on the lawn, away from the mansion but overlooking the garden, and roll a big fat blunt. She had all the required materials, from a baggie of primo top shelf bud she'd gotten off her pal Carlos at the last rave to the heavy cigar she'd lifted off of Logan (she was certain he only pretended not to notice) and ending with the capped exacto knife she'd be using to open said cigar up and to chop said bud. And, as if that weren't just the tops, she was presented with entertainment. For below, in the garden, her vantage point allowed her to watch the fire boy other kids had taken to calling Match setting up what appeared to be the beginnings of something. He'd already hauled out a table and two chairs, and had begun to carefully melt away the lingering snow.

Ellie had brought out a snow blanket, waterproof insulation on one side and microfiber softness on the other. Bright, cheerful colors, but only because they didn't make punk versions of such things. Yet. She'd keep an eye out, though. Her baggie in front of her, the cigar in one hand and the exacto in the other, she was just getting started when she heard the approach of someone. Negasonic didn't scramble to hide her wares, she wasn't at all worried about such things, but she did glance back to see who was coming.

Theresa Cassidy
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