The world has been thrown into turmoil. Two alien invasions in as many years resulted in thousands of casualties, with both only narrowly beaten back, and dangerous advanced technology falling into unscrupulous hands. Magneto's defeat by the Sentinels drove mutant supremacists to increasingly desperate and savage lengths. Rumors grew of uncanny monsters stalking the shadows and taking the unwary. But, through it all, humanity placed its faith in S.H.I.E.L.D.

And then S.H.I.E.L.D. fell.

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Ellie Phimister

Xavier Institute

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Jul 9 2017, 04:21 PM
Midafternoon, February 14th.

There were no classes, not that Ellie had attended such a thing since reaching a point where she could keep all of it online. Computers were much better than people, and her computer (that she'd affectionately named Teletron-1) would agree. Not that people didn't have their redeeming qualities on occasion, the ladies in particular. But that wasn't the goal for the day. In fact, anything that might give somebody the impression that she was more than passingly interested in them or interested in more than whiling away a Saturday afternoon like this one, was completely out of the question. Valentines day gave folks all sorts of funny ideas.

So Ellie had taken to Plan B, which was to go out on the lawn, away from the mansion but overlooking the garden, and roll a big fat blunt. She had all the required materials, from a baggie of primo top shelf bud she'd gotten off her pal Carlos at the last rave to the heavy cigar she'd lifted off of Logan (she was certain he only pretended not to notice) and ending with the capped exacto knife she'd be using to open said cigar up and to chop said bud. And, as if that weren't just the tops, she was presented with entertainment. For below, in the garden, her vantage point allowed her to watch the fire boy other kids had taken to calling Match setting up what appeared to be the beginnings of something. He'd already hauled out a table and two chairs, and had begun to carefully melt away the lingering snow.

Ellie had brought out a snow blanket, waterproof insulation on one side and microfiber softness on the other. Bright, cheerful colors, but only because they didn't make punk versions of such things. Yet. She'd keep an eye out, though. Her baggie in front of her, the cigar in one hand and the exacto in the other, she was just getting started when she heard the approach of someone. Negasonic didn't scramble to hide her wares, she wasn't at all worried about such things, but she did glance back to see who was coming.

Theresa Cassidy
Jun 24 2017, 03:33 PM
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May 7 2017, 12:18 PM
She was in a bit of a mood. Earlier that day she'd caught sight of her mother on television, hocking something else her father had invented as if it was hers just because she fronted the company. "This innovations will revolutionize the blah blah blah blah I hate my daughter because she didn't fit into my idea of a proper young blah blah blah." Admittedly, the rest was Ellie just making it more realistic but all the same. It put her in a mood. So she had thumped downstairs, been cold to everybody she encountered because she could, grabbed food and headed back upstairs. She came back to her room and with her hands full didn't get the door closed all the way, it's latch not catching and the spring loaded mechanism pushing it back open a few inches. It didn't matter though, because everybody knew better than to bother Negasonic Teenage Warhead when she was like that.

And by now everybody knew it, she was sure.

Instead she plopped down in her beanbag chair, pushed away all the pleasant memories she'd made in it, and ate in silent aggravation. That wouldn't do, either. She reached out and picked up one of the three remotes she had in her room, all three of which were capable of controlling everything -in- the room, and turned on her stereo, which was really just the speakers attached to her computer set up. The music on her iPod picked up right where it left off but that too wasn't good enough. She switched to her "MOM MIX" list and then returned to eating as the angriest, most hateful tunes she could find, started blaring just a bit too loud for propriety.

It, of course, came loud and clear down the hallway.

{while Ellie is a college level student, she's also a junior member of the X-Men so she has a solo room in the appropriate hall)

Jean Grey
May 4 2017, 11:18 AM
It shouldn't have been so difficult, she knew everything she needed to know about the subject matter to knowledgeably discuss every item she showed interest in. Sure, she was no scientist, nor a high level engineer, but she knew computers. They weren't even a puzzle to her anymore, she'd grown up elbow deep in the latest technology of the time both mechanically and digitally. She could literally read binary, though it was a slow process at the best of times. She could program in every relevant programming language in existence. But it wasn't a discussion on a chat board, it wasn't an emailed business negotiation, and it wasn't an online purchase with a personality-less server. She was going face to face with corporate representatives over brand new, sometimes experimental, technology.

And all they saw was an unorthodox looking girl.

Not a woman. Not a young lady. A counter culture girl wandering around a place that they assumed was either above her head or beyond her budget. Or, more likely, both. But they were wrong, on both counts no less. Ellie was neither in over her head nor looking at things beyond her budget. Maybe market retail they would be, none of it had a market yet which was why it was on display at a Expo instead of in a shop window or getting tv time. Most of it was industrial, meaning it never would show up either at shops or on tv. But that made it a perfect place for a lone computer nerd to go shopping, especially one who maintained a monthly budget for new tech toys. A healthy monthly budget. One that hadn't been touched since the Expo started.

She'd honestly considered dressing for the trip. She'd dug through her wardrobe and laid out an outfit that would make her look like somebody's personal go between, hired to be underestimated and ruthless, for somebody with a ridiculous amount of money who yet planned not to spend it all for the sake of toys. Exactly the kind of person somebody like Tony Stark would send to get the job done. A pretty, if somewhat visually striking young woman would be exactly his kind of employee, she thought to herself. But, ultimately, she hadn't been able to convince herself to put on the outfit. Not to please others, not to meet their expectations, it wasn't her way. It wasn't her. As much as Ellie liked the outfit, she wouldn't wear it to fit in.

So, instead, there she was in her her power proof outfit, a sweater, a long leather coat she'd modified with add on metal studs, and one of her bajillion infinity scarfs. All black except the yellow stripe on her inner legs and the dark purple of the scarf. "Hi, we appreciate your interest but this is more of an industrial sales aimed booth than home usage." She huffed lightly, having heard that sort of line so many times that day already that she no longer had the energy to be completely annoyed by it. "Yeah, that's why I'm here. I'm building a closed system chat program that may eventually become networked over secure lines to other remote locations. I saw that you were rolling stackable servers out with a new hardwired security interface, wanted to know what the absolute specs are so I can decide between yours and the ones that InGen developed six months ahead of you to dilute your market share."

The sales rep just stood there, staring, like she'd said it all in Latin. Or, more like, she'd grown a second head. "I'm stunningly attractive, obviously, but is there any chance you can pick your chin up off the floor and fire off that sales pitch you've been practicing in the mirror." "Uh... well... I think it might be a bit outside your budget young lady." "I doubt it, chuckles, but here." She unlocked her phone and held it up for him to see, making him go even more bug eyed at the balance of a bank account that was staring him in the face. Sadly, there was a thread of skepticism starting to work its way into his features and she had a sinking feeling she was about to be called a liar right there in front of a booth where any number of passerby could watch the show.
Apr 22 2017, 12:33 PM
click click clickity-click clickclickclick woosh click click click click-click clickity.... notices you, returns to texting.... click click clickity-click... poit.... lowers phone and sighs in annoyance

So.... plot with me... or don't... whatever...

rolls her eyes and huffs as she returns to texting

Ellie is a junior member of the X-Men, taking her college courses in Computer technology and tolerating the required credits in all the other and therefore largely useless subjects. She's also the technological heart of the local net, handling all manner of above board stuff like the school's website so the adults don't ask why she has everything she needs to also clone phones (cause everybody deserves access to the net but not everybody can afford it) and operates a deep net server for the school's more internet savvy students as well. Fake ID that will pass a DMV check, mocked up certificates, bank account shuffling, pretty much any hacker activity in the dark gray range of the moral spectrum can be found somewhere in her digital footprint, but she's careful not to bring trouble to the school (sometimes she operates using another University's wifi and all it costs her is a taxi ride).

She's not a friendly person, she's not misunderstood, she just doesn't want to be friends with people who know her home address. People will undoubtedly slip past her defenses (Piotr has) but for the most part she's that friend you know is going to carry the snark for the group even while hacking the cash machine to fund whatever misadventure everyone is on.
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